Ultrasound Heat Therapy

Ultra sound heat therapy is my favorite modality to use when a patient has muscle spasm and congestion. Most of you will recognize ultra sound as that modality that allows you to see your baby while still in the womb. Ultra sound heat therapy was developed a couple of decades before the visualizing ultra sound.

The sound waves used in this unit are at a frequency of 1.1 million cycles per second (CPS). The vibration is so high that the molecules of water in your cells get warm from the friction created by their moving against each other. That heat is then transferred from the water to the cell wall which makes you feel the warmth.

The ultra sound waves travel two inches into your body. This is where most of the injuries to the muscles and other tissues occur. Most people really like how the ultra sound treatments make them feel. Ultra sound can give quite a bit of relief from pain due to a muscular condition and sprains and strains.