Stomach Ulcers

Gastric or stomach ulcers respond very well to conservative treatment, chiropractic being one of them. I treat patients with stomach ulcers with a four way approach:

1.Drink lots of water. A doctor from India has written several books about the body’s need for water, “You’re not sick, you’re thirsty” being one of them. In his book, Dr.Betmanghelidj suggests that, as long as our kidneys are working normally, we should drink a quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight every day!

2. Have a Chiropractic spinal adjustment. Every bone in our spine has a set of nerves that to to a designated organ. The 5th Thoracic vertebra generally ushers the nerves to he stomach out of the spinal cord. When the stomach is under stress such as with an ulcer, the position and condition of that bone can tell a chiropractor that something is wrong that organ.

I recently was treating a man in his early forties who enjoyed lifting weights for his exercise. He came in because his mid back hurt so much that he could not work out. His 5th thoracic vertebra was out of position and very sore to the pressure of my fingers. I asked him if he was having stomach trouble and he told me that he was medicating for a stomach ulcer. So you can certainly see how the body can tell us what is wrong if we just know where to look.

3. I also suggested that he make use of a liquid that is prepared from the yucca plant called ‘Optimum Detox” offered by the Zenus Corp. in Las Vegas, NV. This preparation conditions the entire gut from the mouth to the anus. It cleans it of muck and gunk and allows for better digestion and absorption.

4. And then the obvious suggestion would be to clean up his diet, elimination high fructose corn syrup, aspertane, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and any processed foods. The best way to eat if you have a sensitive stomach is to eat naturally occurring fruits, vegetables, and meats not treated with chemicals.

By the way, I saw the man with the ulcer a week later and he had no mid back pain, he stopped his ulcer medication, and was back lifting weights. There are so very many natural ways to treat the body for any condition. The best way to get started is to find books or blogs written by recognized authors who can guide you through the world of natural health and healing.