Most headaches are tension headaches. The muscles of the upper back and neck get so tight and congested in response to a person being anxious, worried, very busy , or under a deadline, etc. This tightness results in the muscles pulling the vertebrae of the neck out of proper alignment. This results in inflammation.

The inflammation with its accompanying fluid, puts pressure on the nerves in the neck. Some of these nerves go into the head and when irritated, result in a headache. By adjusting the spinal vertebrae we remove the reason for the inflammation which takes the pressure off the nerves and relieves the headache.

We have found that supporting the head properly at night in bed can be very important with people that suffer chronically stiff and painful necks. Certainly chiropractic treatments can help, but after trying many pillows personally, we can strongly recommend the “mypillow” brand that is currently being advertised. I give it an “A” in supporting the head and neck.