Dizziness & Vertigo

Vertigo and dizziness is one of the easier maladies to treat with chiropractic spinal adjustments. In all cases that I have seen and treated the first cervical vertebra, aka Atlas, is involved. This vertebra is the very first one under the skull. All the spinal nerves pass through the Atlas so its alignment is very important.

Performing a chiropractic spinal adjustment on the 1st cervical vertebra effects the inner ear. The inner ear is houses the balance mechanism in the skull. I have never been quite sure of the neuroscience involved when adjusting the atlas (1st neck vertebra) as far as it having a positive effect upon the inner ear, but I do know that it works most of the time.

Years ago I had a good friend who was at the time 75 years old. He had a serious episode with vertigo wherein he could not stand without falling  and was nauseous most of the time, vomiting often. He was visiting Europe at the time and was brought home in sad condition. I offered to work on him, but his reply was that he had good insurance and would allow the medical people to examine and treat him. Two weeks later he was no better and had his wife drive him to my office.

By his fourth visit he could drive himself and after ten treatments he was normal once again. The bottom line is to see your chiropractor first when you have an unhealthy condition. The chiropractor will be able to diagnose your problem and decide whether you need emergency medical intervention, or whether he will be able to handle your problem through chiropractic treatment.

One of my very first cases was a middle aged woman who had vertigo. A half dozen chiropractic treatments resulted in the elimination of the vertigo, never to return.