Deep Tissue Massage

For 36 of the 37 years I have been in practice I have featured deep tissue massage therapy as part of my routine in the office. “Deep tissue” refers to the pressure applied to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the body. This technique can be used most places on the body and not just by the spine.

By massaging deeply, congestion is relieved so that normal blood and lymphatic flow can return to normal. When proper blood circulation returns, the tissue will benefit by increased oxygen flow, and the waste products will be moved out faster. Tuning up your body periodically makes sense to me.

The pressure applied is always adjusted to patient tolerance. This massage technique is a great addition to the ultra sound heat treatments. Quite often the patient already feels better after the this combination of therapies even before the spinal adjustment.

The massage, ultra sound and spinal adjustment is all performed by the doctor on the same day, one following the other. We should all remember that this combination of treatments could be compared to a “lube & oil” performed on your car. This is why I recommend this treatment once every month to everyone, whether or not a person┬áhas pain or other symptoms.